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Our Programmes


The following are Safe a boy child day to day running programmes based on our primary objectives:

Safe a Boy Child Sparabox

Safe a boy child Sparabox is a funding body that’s making sure all programmes running have access to funding and support. This funding body is responsible for raising funds in various ways such as the following but not limited to:

o Fundraising events

o Allocation of SparaBox containers in various stores/work areas for donations.

o Contribution from programmes income generation, a small percentage from our programmes/charity stores, we planning to build, for e.g. Safe a boy child vegetable market. Made possible by our small scale famers we have developed from our agricultural programmes.

o Donations/funding from both private and government sectors will go towards supporting the safe a boy child SparaBox initiative.

o The primary objective of this funding body is to contribute toward support of any activity that will create sustainable running programmes that will make sure youth is employed.

Safe a Boy Child Agricultural Projects

o This program will ensure all agricultural activities are carried out. Any agricultural activities will fall under this programme.

Safe a Boy Child Sustainable Community Environmental Management Programmes.

o This programme is responsible for nature conservation in various communities. Its main purpose is to make sure the environment is well looked after. It is responsible for environmental campaigns and educational awareness in various schools, churches, private business and government centres.

o The programme is made possible by environmental officers and nature conservation experts from various private and government institutions.

o Safe a boy child nature conservation task team (S.A.C.C-NCTT) this task team is made possible by our community volunteers, particularly young people from various communities with love and interest to take care of the environment.

Safe a Boy Child Nature Conservation Team (S.B.C.C-NCT)

 This team will be formulated in every community after the campaign and educational awareness has passed.

 They will be responsible in making sure the most important famous words namely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are possible. They will help safe a boy child with recycling programmes in business, local schools and business.

 The capital collected by the organisation in association with service providers from that community will make sure they are remunerated on monthly bases depending on the overall income by the organization and service providers. This is to contribute towards job creation and encouraging young people to venture into nature conservation careers and training programmes.

 The team will carry out other volunteering activities from various programmes and charity events not limited to nature conservation.

Safe a Boy Child Sports And Recreational Development Programmes.

o These programmes will be responsible for the development of sports and recreation in our communities. By encouraging young people to participate and consider sports and other recreational activities as employment sources and self-empowerment activities to fight unemployment.

Safe a Boy Child Gender Based Violence, Drugs And Substance Abuse Awareness Campaigns

o This programme is responsible for running campaigns and awareness activities in our communities to ensure the awareness of these two national pandemics. In association with both the private sector, government institutions and other organisations like People opposing woman abuse (POWA), Community Media Trust (CMT), katlo development Centre (KDC) and others partnering with Safe a boy child to join forces in efforts to fight those devastating pandemics

Safe a Boy Child Education And Skills Development Programmes

o Learnership, internship and job training programmes

o Skills development programmes, focusing on but not limited to information technology, mathematics, economics, indigenous languages and business communication, entrepreneurship, nature conservation, electrical engineering, art in general and agricultural science.

o We want to ensure the development of hand skilled and mentally trained self-empowered professions that will obviously run their own companies or formulate a forum that will ensure services are delivered and jobs are created for our young people to be employed.

Safe a Boy Child Artists Development Programmes

o We have a good relationship with a recording company and a production company owned by youth. They are doing a great job this far, they only lack resources. The CEO is a very experienced young man with a team of energetic expects. They do free music distribution, production, film and photography, branding and public relations for recovering victims of gender based violence and substance abuse, those whom are interested in the entertainment industry. Everything relating to art we have teamed up with this recording company with the little they have they do empower where they can.

o They also empower youth opportunities in the entertainment industry with the following activities:

 Modelling

 Music production

 Publishing (production and written materials)

 Graphic design and clothing design

 Fine art and virtual art

 Hand crafting and sculpting

 Film and photography

 Workshops in conjunction with organizations like CIPC, SAMRO, SAMPRA, RISA, CAPASSO and many others.

Safe a Boy Child Radio And T.V Programmes

o These programmes will be responsible of covering all activities and programmes done by the organisation and that of government intuitions that work with us. They will also be available for helping other organisations with the same objectives as Safe a boy child, to help them spread awareness to the masses. It will cater as a media body to cover media needs, advertisements and activity coverage for the organisation and its stake holders. The team that’s responsible will be supported by safe a boy child SparaBox and other form of donations for them to carry out their activities as instructed by the organisation.

o These two media initiates are made possible by recovering addicts and victims of GBV also interested young people that love the media.

o Like any other programmes advertising and any income generated from content productions will go towards remunerating our media heroes making sure our work is seen by the masses and our massage is put across.

Safe a Boy Child Community Safety Programmes

Safe a boy child is working close with community members that have dedicated their time and efforts towards community safety. Programmes like community night watch/community patrollers made possible by unemployed security personals. Safe a boy child has joined forces with them and also included SAPS for support.

This will ensure community safety even in schools and other government centres to avoid crime, particularly theft and damage of community property. This programme is made possible by qualified unemployed security expects and none profit organisations like “Sofasonke community patrollers”

Safe a Boy Child African History Educational Programmes

These programmes are of great importance to the organisation as we saw a need to preserve our history. The main purport of these programmes is collecting all African history books, written in African languages, containing African teachings and African ways of life. We want to preserve our beautiful music, diversity and the history that of our great kings and queens to date. We plan to document them and even making sure those documentaries are televised and performed theatrically by young people so they know where they come from and where they going.

VeggFarming Business-In-A-Box

Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment ,North West Department of Education

Madibeng Local Municipality Bojanala Platinum District Municipality North West Dept of Economic Development, North West Department of Education, Environment Conservation & Tourism North West Parks Board Safe a boy child environmental clean-up and awareness campaign Department Of Environmental Affairs

Safe A Boy Child and The Department of Social Development

Tribal Authorities at Safe A Boy Child Campaign Launch

Safe A Boy Child in association with Pitsana and Dikoma association

Easter Soccer Games

South African Police Service at Safe A Boy Child Campaign Launch

Our Hardworking Volunteers








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